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    player reporting

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    Report A User Rules

    Provide video proof for any form of AUTOING, otherwise your topic will be removed or moved.

    Please report autotalkers to online staff members, this will cut down the massive amount of autotalk reports.

    •No cropped/edited pictures allowed.
    •Don't post here if you don't have a picture proof or video proof.
    •Do not make multiple threads for the same rule broken. When you report more than 1 guy for the same reason, add all picture proofs / video proofs and informations in 1 topic.
    •When you make a topic, be sure to write in the title the user breaking rules name.
    •The only sites accepted for uploading are: Tinypic , ImageShack.

    •Always show your ignore list in your report image or video.
    •For Staff Members: Staff impersonaters reports need to be solved only by Administrators+ or with an Administrator's assistance.
    Not respecting these rules will force us to:
    1st time: Warn
    2nd time: Warn
    3rd time: Infract with 5%

    Reporting Format
    If you want to report a user, please use this format.
    Put the name of the user you are reporting in the title!

    User Breaking Rules:(username)
    Proof:(screenshot or video link)
    Date + time:(when?)
    Other info:

      Current date/time is Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:15 pm